Ghanaian Musician Keche Joshua Helps Old Man On The Street (Video)

Keche Joshua has melted the hearts of many fans with a very kind gesture. Many see this support as unusual and very rare to see, thus a celebrity helping in this kind of situation.

A video circulating on Instagram shows an old man who may be in his 60s pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with sachet water on a busy road. Obviously, it was very heavy and the man was having a difficult time pushing it up the road looking all sweaty.

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Keche Joshua, who happens to be in his car on the side of the road saw the old man panting whilst pushing the wheelbarrow full of the sachet water, gets out of his car and runs towards the man to assist him.

Initially, it looked like he only moved towards the man to ask for directions to a location or something. But what happened next was a sight to behold.

Keche Joshua actually posted the video on his Instagram page with the caption; ” Was sad and happy same time. God, please Bless the street. Have been there.

Keche Joshua asked the man where he was heading towards and made an attempt to take the wheelbarrow from the man.

The man initially made attempts to resist Keche’s attempt to help him but at Keche’s insistence, he finally gave in and allow for some help.

Keche Joshua could be seen swaying left and right whilst pushing the wheelbarrow because of the heaviness of the load in the barrow. The man could be heard saying; “it is very heavy oo. Have you seen how it is swinging you left and right? Thank you my son amidst laughter”.

A fan who was present to record the hilarious scene is heard saying; ” Oh Keche Joshua God Bless you. Wow, that is impressive. Keche Joshua my respect for you has increased from today. I am so impressed Keche Joshua. You have really shocked me”.

The man was obviously relieved and impressed by Keche Joshua’s kind gesture.

Keche Joshua was wearing a nose mask and so he was not readily identified by the people at the scene.


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