Ghanaians React After Ruth of Date Rush Indicated She Is Only 22

Yesterday’s episode of the date rush show was filled with twist and turns. A young undergraduate hopped onto the show looking for love but he wasn’t fortunate.

Ghanaians blame his immaturity as being the cause why he didn’t land a date. However, during his session he spoke too much that he indirectly ended up being rude to one of the iconic ladies on the show.

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Samuel who was the male contestant set his sights on taking Bibi home as a date. However, Bibi was not interested. Ruth however was, she had her rush on the entire time. Samuel however was not interested and was disappointed that Ruth was the only one with her rush on.

When asked why Sammy doesn’t like Ruth as a date, he had the option of keeping quite and simply stating that “there is no connection”. However, he went on with a full explanation with the intention of being honest and Frank. He explains that Ruth looks too old for him.

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Ruth then replies that she is just 22 years. This surprised many as Ghanaians thought Ruth was way older. Sammy still went on his explanation stating that she still looks too old for him. He adds that should they start dating and they are seen in public people will think Ruth is his mother.

This upset all the ladies and viewers of the show as they commented that he talks too much and he is immature.

However, the discussion about Ruth didn’t end there. Many reacted to her age and her appearance. They confirm that indeed Ruth looks way older than her age.

Here are some reactions from social media;


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