Tears of Joy As Bella of Date Rush Finally Gets A Date

Bella date rush tv3

It was all joy and happiness when Bella, one of the most popular ladies on TV3 Date Rush show finally got herself a date. The reaction on the night really proof she was glad to be the lucky one between her and Fatima.

Bella could not hold on to the joy when a young man who also appeared on the show to look for a partner chose her.

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The journey to finding a partner has not been easy for Bella. She is said to have gone through several unstable relationships and decided to find one on national television but it was not easy there too.

For many weeks on the show, Bella has had one or more reasons to cry after some of the young guys she expressed interest in turned her down.

She has also turned down several of the young guys who have appeared on the show for reasons best known to her.

But there is always hope for the future. Bella is finally smiling home with a man. This is a new journey in the life of Bella and many of her followers will wish a successful relationship for her.

Since Bella is on record to have said that she wants a partner who can take care of all her expensive stuff, the young man should be ready to meet all her needs for a happy moment together.

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The first single man appeared on the show and Bella left her rush on. Her reason was that the young man whose name is Sammy, has gone through a lot of heartbreaks and needs to have a good woman.

“I think the young man has gone through a lot of heartbreaks like a suicide so he needs another chance”. Bella indicated. However, Bella turned off her rush for Sammy.

The second young man who announced his presence on the show (Koffie), however, caught the heart of Bella. She initially turned off her rush and later brought it back on. Koffie went in for Bella and it was all tears of joy. They both left the stage to begin a future.

Bella upon being chosen quickly came out of the stage to hug Koffie. They danced together and left the stage.

“Finally I have someone. I was not expecting it at all. Initially, I switched off my rush and later brought it on. I’m the happiest girl today. He chose me and I’m happy. I have suffered on this show. I thank God so much for this one”. Bella indicated.


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