Hilarious Throwback Photo of Black Sherif Surfaces Online

Fast rising Ghanaian artiste Black Sherif has got many laughing looking at his throwback photo that shows he has come a long way.  His throwback is cracking the ribs of social media users.

The Ghanaian musician who is believed to be 19 is gradually getting the needed attention from the media and Ghanaians.

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A photo which portrays the schooling days of the “first and second sermon” hitmaker has caught attention of many fans. The musician who tells his story through his songs can be spotted in the trending photo wearing a t-shirt.

Looking carefully at the photo, one could see the musician looking like a 15 year old in the middle of two beautiful school girls. His hands were warmly on the shoulder of the one standing at his right hand side.

Also, the two girls could be spotted in a similar outfit as Black Sherif who is currently trending. The no smiling face of young looking Black Sherif is the reason causing social media users to laugh out loud. It seems that kind of face has been there since childhood.

See Photo below.


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