How To Request For Bank Statement For Visa Application In Ghana

How to request for bank statement for visa application

How to request for bank statement for visa application in Ghana.

A bank statement is a summary of financial transactions that occurred at a certain institution during a specific time period.
Every individual who holds an account with a specific bank is entitled to a bank statement.

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Although every account holder can acquire one, it comes with a fee per page depending on the bank.

From experience, it is believed that most banks charge GHS5 per page.

Interim Statements and Official Statements are the two forms of bank statements. The Interim Statements are acquired by customers insure transactions executed with the banks. Note that this type of statement cannot be used for official purposes and can be easily accessed only through internet banking.

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On the other hand, Official Statements, as the name implies, is for official use only like visa applications.

Customers or account holders are supposed to inform their banker on the purpose of their bank statement in order to issue them with the right one.

Bank statements can only be issued by certified banks or financial institutions.

How to obtain a bank statement from a bank

Customers or account holders of their respective banks, can walk to the nearest branch and make a request from the customer service personnel available. Clients will be requested to provide their account details and specific dates of their statements. A copy will then be printed for them.

How to obtain a bank statement online

Account holders who have signed up to online banking can also access their statements online. This is so easy and simple. You will have to login to your online banking portal, navigate to option where you can request a bank statement and follow the process. You will be asked to provide the preferred dates, print or save in an excel or pdf format.

Importantly, people should note that online bank statements can not be used for official purposes like visa applications.

How much balance do I need in my account for visa application

The right balance or amount for a visa application will be dependent on the spending on your trip. For instance, if you in tend spending GHS30,000 but your account balance says GHS35,000, you are likely to be turned down as this is not enough. Other countries might not have strong focus on this but it’s good to have a good balance against your spending.

NB: For official use like visa application, customers should directly to the bank and requirement for an official statement which will be done in the right way.

We are glad after reading this article, you now know how to request for bank statement for visa application in Ghana. Also, the types of bank statements we have and which one is appropriate.


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