I Used My Grandma’s ¢3.92 For Gambling-Young Man Behind The Crying Meme Finally Recounts What Made Him Cry Uncontrollably (Video)

Social media users especially Facebook and WhatsApp users can testify to how the meme of this young man has been used countless times for hilarious situations.

The man has finally opened up on what made him weep bitterly. According to him he used his grandmother’s GH¢3.92 to gamble.

The money which was meant for gari to serve as an evening meal was used by him in playing the game which he ended up as a loser.

His plan was to use the money and gained some interest but eventually things didn’t go as expected. So as a way to get someone to replace the money, he cried bitterly with emotions attached to it.

In his own words; “The thing wey happen be say I dey my grandma side. for my village. And that time, to dey chop sometimes dey somehow. On that fatefull day, na so my grandma gvie me Ghc3.92 make I go buy garri so we fit chop tonight. As I come dey go, I come go play dice with my friend. In the long run, they later chop my money.”


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