Is Van Vicker still Alive?

Ghanaian actor Van Vicker is alive. He is still acting and very active on his social media platforms if you want to know.

For a time, there were rumors that the award-winning actor was dead. According to these false publications on social media, the Van Vicker lost his life in a motor accident, and a video of the said incident went viral online.

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After some time of spreading this fake news about the actor, he came out to debunk these claims that he was involved in an accident in a post on his Instagram, saying he was alive and not dead.

“I would habitually overlook yet another ‘death video’ of me made by insensitive people; however, this particular one is making sensational circulation hence my post.

I am well by HIS GRACE, I have not been involved in any accident, neither am I dead. Perish the thought.

There has to be a way to disallow such lunacies, faux news, sensationalism and or impassivity via social media.

Millions of people around the globe experience some form of trauma whilst watching these videos.

Social media is such an excellent top but yet…,” He wrote.

See the post below


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