Local Food Joints In East Legon

Let’s go hunting for local food joints in East Legon.

Are you a fun of local foods such as fufu, banku, jollof, waakye, tuo zaafi and others? Do you live in East Legon and it’s environs and wants to enjoy local food? Are you within Greater Accra and wants to find the best local food joints in Accra?

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This article provide you with answers your questions. Thus, we are providing you local food joints in East Legon. One of the best thing about visiting Ghana or being a Ghanaian is our mouth-watering local foods.

You will always find a local joint near you no matter the location as we bring you some specifically in East Legon.

Local food joints in East Legon

Bush Kanteen

When looking for one of the best place to eat fufu, visit Bush Kanteen. They serve both African and Ghanaian local foods. They are located in East Legon around Abedi Pele’s Junction.


Mmekokeke Chop Bar and Grill

They are located in East Legon and known for serving romantic traditional, local and continental foods. This include yam chips, grilled pork, chicken, fufu, tuo zaafi and other mouth-watering foods.


Chez Afrique

They are located Off Lagos Avenue, East Legon
Accra and serve both African and Ghanaian dishes like banku and tilapia.


FT. Tawakaltu Allalah

They serve African, Ghanaian, Inter-Continental and Street Foods. Ft. Tawakaltu Allalah is located at the Ecobank, Okponglo – East Legon.


Abi’s Special Waakye

They located at East Legon, American House right next to First Atlantic Bank. They offer African, Ghanaian and Street Foods. Have a feel of their special waakye too.


Fulera Special Waakye

Fulera special location is at East Legon American house near Don’s walk. They have for customers African, Ghanaian and Street Foods.


Final Touch Waakye

They are located at East Legon, Accra. Final Touch is known for their Waakye and Tuo Zaafi. They also have African, Ghanaian and Street Foods.


Ikon Allah Waakye

Enjoy your African, Ghanaian and Street Foods at Ikon Allah Waakye. They are located along Pawpaw street, Near Agape House New Testament Church, East .


Living Room Restaurant

They have available Ghanaian appetizing dishes. Living Room is close to East Legon Police Station, East Legon, Accra.


Relish Foods

They focus on African, Ghanaian, Ivorian, Juice and Smoothies, and Nigeria Food. Relish foods is located at the A & C mall pool area (East Legon).



Enjoy your banku and tilapia, fufu and soup, and other local dishes at Mangoase located at East Legon. They serve both African and Ghanaian dishes.


Bar Naas

Freetown Avenue (La-Bawaleshi Road), Opp Shell Filling Station, East Legon, Accra. They have available African and Ghanaian dishes.



This restaurant in East Legon known for its delicious local African and Ghanaian meals.


GuyGuy Foods

They are located in East Legon, Accra and serves both Ghanaian and Street Foods.



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