Meet The Man Who Reportedly Drove A Car From London To Nigeria

Just like Ghana, Nigerians also have interesting stories to tell. You might not believe because it is similar to a myth. For instance is a story of a Nigerian Professor who drove his car all the way from London to Kano (Nigeria).

Professor Aminu Mohammed Dorayi is only not known as a professor but as one who holds an interesting record. He is famous for allegedly driving a peugeot 504 car from London to Kano. It was a trip that took him 24 days to complete.

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Reports has it that Professor Aminu Mohammed is an all rounder scholar whose exploits in the academic world cannot be forgotten. The processor had his basic education in Kano and furthered for his PhD in US at the age of 30. It is reported that he turned down several teaching jobs in the US to become a lecturer in Nigeria.

Now back to how he made he successful journey from London to Kano. Recalling his historic journey, reports has it that the man who is dubbed The Adventurous Chemist said he drove through the desert.

Look at a screenshot of his narration below.


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