The Real Name of Mr Bean And The Sad But Inspiring Story Behind His Success

Growing up we watch videos of a man who refuse to talk in his comedy series, he is familiarly known as Mr Bean. Rowan Atkinson the real name of the comic actor, the Mr Bean character.

Mr Beans who have gain much popularity across the world passed through hard times before arriving at a successful career. Before joining the entertainment industry, he was bullied because of his looks and difficulty in speaking.

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The comic actor Rowan Atkinson who many preferably call Mr Bean graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in electronics and electrical engineering. He had the interest of becoming a comedian even as a student but got rejected by various production houses due to his speaking disorder.

But this did not hinder him from going in for what he wanted because he knew he had the qualities of a comedian. He then decided to make his own show (Mr Bean) that became famous in no time. Mr Bean however was able to overcome his speech disorders which sometime ago prevented him from acting.

Mr Bean stated he discovered he could speak well when playing or voicing the role of another character.

At the expense of everything, he still became successful with his dream talent.


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