Thieves Return A Huge Sum Of Money They Stole From A Popular Fetish Priest From The Volta Region

For sometime now, stealing has become a means of living to certain people. Some of them have mastered courage moving from ordinary people to those with spiritual eyes.

A source has indicated that some thieves in the volta regio returned stolen money to Borkor(fetish Priest) Bullet Hanson’s Shri after denying taking away the money.

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The amount said to be GH10,000 was stolen the five guys and the priest after consulting the gods brought in these guys to his shrine for divination. The ritual performed was also to cause them bring back the money after they denied.

Few hours after leaving the shrine, one of the accused came crying begging for his life with the bag containing the stolen money. He returned GH 9700 and he spent GH300 according to the source.

Source: Revival 99.3 FM


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