My Father Must Tell Me Something-Wiyala Reacts After Her Look Alike Pops Up

Some reseachers has come into conclusion that, all human beings comes in pair even if you weren’t born as a twin. And this we must not doubt because looking at Wiyala and her replica confirms it all.

Ghanaian songstress, Wiyala who is taking Ghana’s indeginous music to higher heights couldn’t believe her eyes where attention was dragged towards a photo of hers and her replica.

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Previously the look alikes of Kuami Eugene, Kidi and King Promise made headlines online with their striking resemblance of these various artistes. However as days pass by, we still find more of the replica of Kuami Eugene. In the middle of the grided photo is Wiyala with shades on while the others are her replica.

Wiyala who shared the already made post by someone had a lot of social media users who commented under it. Some suggested she should ask her parents about this in a hilarious manner with her also stating she would possibly figure everything out from her dad.

Below is a screenshot of the hilarious comments


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