Date Rush Season 5: What to expect tomorrow with new contestants

Date Rush Season 5: What to expect tomorrow with new contestants

Date Rush Season 5: What to expect tomorrow with new contestants

TV3 Network has apparently been checking their analytics and keeping “their ears to the streets” as they have recognized that Date Rush has become a household show. Thus, without any break following season 4, they jump straight into airing the new and exciting season 5, which has so many twists and turns to it. The show will be aired on its usual day and time as the previous seasons have been.

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With the promotional trailer released on the various social media of TV3 Ghana, the guys stay behind the rushes while the ladies are being assessed in the Date Rush Season 5. It’s vice versa of the usual Date Rush show we know.

This particular season will be hilarious as guys will have to watch the videos of the females and decide.  However, it will be interesting too. Here are some contestants that fans should look out for.

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1. The controversial male contestant

This season has the roles reversed as the male contestants are now in charge of accepting the proposals from the ladies. Although men are naturally boisterous, One man who appeared in the trailer seemed to take things over the limit. He will be as controversial as some of the ladies who appeared in season 4.

2. The Nigerian Who Wants To Take His Date Back Home to Nigeria

This contestant in the trailer hilariously stated that whoever he gets on the Date Rush Program, he is taking along with him back to Nigeria as he is a Nigerian.

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3. Energetic dancers

All the former seasons had ladies come on stage and then dance to their respective stands. Now, it is the male’s turn to display their skills. The trailer that aired shows that these gentlemen are bringing the heat as their dance moves are on another level.


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