Nigel Gaisie Shares His Encounter In Achimota Forest 10 years ago (Details)

Renowned prophet and motivational speaker Nigel Gaisie has revealed his encounter with one of his sons in the ministry and how his relationship with him has grown fondly. From a stranger to a bossom friend and active member in his church. Nigel Gaisie is the founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel.

The prophet had revealed that he was on the street praying at midnight around the achimota forest when he turned his back and then he saw the boy, this he said happened ten years ago.

Nigel Gaisie

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He went on to ask the gentleman what he wanted, and the boy replied ‘I want to join your prayer group’.

Nigel Gaisie said that he totally ignored him and went back to his prayers. Two weeks later, the same boy came back again to the same place, where the prophet was praying. But this time it was different as he invited the boy to join him I’m his prayers. Nigel admitted that since that day, he has never regretted walking with the boy.

Nigel Gaisie
Osofo Joe
Osofo Joe

He is that name that prophet Nigel Gaisie affectationately calls him and he is remembering this awesome son today, as he celebrates his birthday. Nigel Gaisie said he is one of his hopes in the ministry. That he has never caused him any amount of pain or disrespectes him before.

Nigel Gaisie

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He posted on his facebook page, “was on the street praying at midnight around the achimota forest when I turned my back,was ten years ago There you were I asked you,gentleman what do you want?, you replied I want to join your prayer group…I ignored you and went back to my prayers. Two weeks later, you came back again to the same place,I was praying this time I said OKAY COME AND LETS PRAY AND SINCE THEN,I HAVE NEVER REGRETTED MY WALK WITH YOU….Osofo Joe as I affectationately call you, on your birthday………”

Read the full text below;

You can also visit his facebook page, Nigel Gaisie (Prophet).




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