Education: WAEC Announces It’s Intention To Attach QR Codes Into All Examination Papers

Waec Ghana

WAEC Announces It’s Intention To Attach QR Codes Into All Examination Papers to curb identical examination papers.

As stated by the giant examination council, the introduction of the QR codes on the examination papers will prevent malpractice. This QR codes will determine the authenticity of the exams papers and avoid duplication.

Waec Ghana

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Such intention was made known by the Chairman of the Council (WAEC), Professor Ato Essuman. This was during the 69th Annual Council meeting.

“We have a new innovation now, that will track the question papers through the QR code. Whenever anyone tries running copies of a question paper, we will be alerted through our server,” he said, as quoted by Citinewsroom.

“Each question paper will have a unique code, linked to a candidate’s index number and identification number. We can thus trace the perpetrators.

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All WAEC is trying to do is to minimize the rate at which examination malpractice activities going on in our school. These by some school heads, teachers and students.

Therefore, let’s all support this new intention by WAEC. It will help minimize and at some point curb examination malpractices. Students should not panic about this new initiative that might be in implementation soon.



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