Fameye Confesses He Used “For Girls” On A Lady But Was Afraid

Peter Famiyeh Bozah, popularly known as Fameye, has confessed using “for girls” on a lady. And this according to him actually worked out speaking on a showbiz program hosted by Nana Romeo on Accra FM.

The “Nothing I Get” hitmaker was asked about some of the things he still recalls down memory lane.

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After sharing a few of what he remembers, the radio presenter raised a comment with regards to “for girls”. And with this, Fameye had something to talk about.

He disclosed he wasn’t having a girlfriend years back but friends he associated himself with even had more than one. So he partnered with one of the guys to go in for medicine to get the attention of ladies.

He went on to say there was a woman at Bogoso market who was selling this “for girls” medicine but for the first time they were able to acquire one, it never worked.

But the second one given to him at their second visit worked out and caught the attention of a lady at Pokuase, a suburb in Accra. He also revealed this lady wanted to hug and kiss her on their first meeting in public and this to him was too much.

Due to the lady’s act after some period, Fameye confessed he had to let her go because he was scared. She even blocked him since 2013 up till now.

Watch this part of the interview below;


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