Fatima Date Rush Does The Unthinkable, Grinds “W!ckedly” On A Guy In New Video

Ever since Fatima date rush became one of the popular constants on date rush, many Ghanaians doesn’t seem to joke with this character due to how fun and entertaining she is whenever she was on the rush show.

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With this recent one from the camp of Mary Owusuaa Fatima better known as Fatima, she has done the unthinkable. Some of us will not be surprised to see her do so because of the “hard girl” personality she is.

Fatima was spotted at a gathering “wickedly” grinding first her backside on a guy who was lying the floor. After sometime, she stood up and gave the guy a side dance which got people who were gathered shout in a joyful way.

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Watch as the girl Dem Boss does the unthinkable in the new video below;


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