Fatima Looks Beautifully Different In New Video Trending Online

Fatima of Date Rush certainly exhibited to fans on social media how amazing and beautiful she is. The reality TV star is known for her unique natural hairstyle, but looking different in this new video.

Fatima has always made it clear that her unusual unbraided hairstyle is her signature look. She won’t be changing it anytime soon amid continual queries by fans of whether she would ever change her look. But it seems these days she does her best to adjust to change depending on the occasion.

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In the video, it looks like Fatima has finally adopted to the anxiety from fans to try something new, judging from her recent look.

In a recent Instagram post, the TV reality star is seen wearing a wig and to be fair it looks good on her. She wrote, “See your girl naa”

Meanwhile, recently Fatima got social media in a frenzied state with how she react with her date from Date Rush.

It seems ever since Fatima and Bismarck started going out, certain things have changed on her part.

Watch Fatima looking very beautiful in the video below;



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