How to Convert Airtime To Mobile Money On MTN

How to convert airtime to cash

Let’s learn something new today on how we can convert airtime to mobile money. Many mobile users have mistakenly bought a huge amount of airtime from their Momo wallet they didn’t plan to.

This has not happened to workers of Edem Tends GH us before m, but we know a couple of friends who mistakenly bought huge airtime: for instance, buying GHC50.00 airtime instead of GHC5.00 airtime, which they don’t need.

Others have also sent airtime to people instead of money. In this situation, you will have to send money to the person again, and that’s probably a waste of money.

But thanks to MTN mobile money for bringing this new initiative that allows MTN Mobile Money users to reverse airtime to mobile money. In case you mistakenly sent airtime instead of money or a wrong airtime transfer was sent to you, you can reverse the transaction to mobile money.

However, there are a few things you must know when reversing the transaction. Here is everything you need to know on how to do airtime reversal for MTN mobile money users.

How to Convert Airtime To Mobile Money On MTN

How To Convert Airtime To Mobile Money

1. Dial *170#

2. Enter 6 to visit your wallet

3. Enter 7 for airtime reversal

4. The transaction amount will appear; enter 1 to confirm the transaction

5. A pop-up appears asking you to confirm your reversal of the airtime. Press 1 to confirm.

Now, you wait for a few minutes as MTN reverses the transaction for you.

To prevent people from abusing this initiative, MTN has put some conditions regarding the reversal of the airtime transactions to mobile money.

Here are some things to note:

1. MTN merchant numbers cannot perform this reversal initiative.

2. The minimum amount for the reversal is GHC10.00. This means that you can not reverse any amount less than GHC10.00.

3. Customers are not allowed to reverse part of the transaction. You can only reverse the total transaction.

4. If the customer used part of the total amount he bought, he/she must buy airtime with his mobile money account to replace the used one to make up the total amount.

5. You can only perform a reversal within 72 hours. No airtime reversal is allowed after 72 hours.

6. You can only reverse a transaction once a week.

Understand that airtime from a scratch card cannot be reversed to mobile money. Also, this initiative is for numbers who have mistakenly bought airtime from their registered mobile money wallet.

For any further explanation, let us know in the comment section. We will be very glad to assist you.


  1. Please let say you asked someone to deposit money into your account and that person mistakenly sent it as airtime,so how do you convert the airtime into mobile money?


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