How To Renew Your NHIS In Ghana

How To Renew Your NHIS In Ghana

Government has put in place a simpler method on renewing your NHIS in Ghana. This article contains full details on how to renew your NHIS in Ghana. However, this is making life easier for the Ghanaian populace.

National Health Insurance Authority is the sole institution that issues the NHIS cards in Ghana. For this, there are designated offices in districts across the country where any Ghanaian can visit to get their card done.

The NHIS card has an advantage of providing beneficiaries (Ghanaians) with membership access to some free healthcare that the scheme offers. When people with national heath insurance scheme membership visit any government hospitals and some private hospitals that accept the card they get attended to and the cost of attaining a healthcare reduces drastically.

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How can I renew my NHIS Card in Ghana?

As Ghana is focusing on going digital, the NHIA has also adopted to this strategy and it’s easy for one to renew his/her NHIS membership using any type of phones and not necessarily presenting themselves at the offices designated unless if there is an issue.

For people without the NHIS card, it’s important to go get registered in person at any of the offices nearer to you so you can get your card done at a fee but for people already with a card, below are the steps you can take to renew you NHIS Membership on your phone.

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7 steps to renew NHIS Membership on Mobile phone

1. Dial the code *929# on your phone.

2. Select option 2. Renew Membership.

3. Select Card type 1. NHIS Card.

4. Enter your NHIS membership number provided infront of your card.

5. Reenter your NHIS member number.

6. Press send.

7. Make payment through mobile money.

How much does the NHIS renewal cost?

You are supposed to renew your NHIS membership every year to avoid being deactivated from the service. However, using you mobile phone the NHIS Membership renewal cost is as follows:

  • 3 months – 17 years – GH¢6.00
  • 18 years – 69 years – GH¢ 28.00
  • 70 years and above – GH¢6.00
  • SSNIT Contributers (with active cards) – GH¢6.00

In conclusion, for more enquiries you can visit the website of the NHIS at


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