The African King Who Had 600 Wives, 177 Children And Had His Own System Of Handwriting

The African King Who Had 600 Wives, 177 Children And Had His Own System Of Handwriting

This may be a surprise to many who have no idea about about the story. I will wish u keep calm and go through this interesting story and you will get the surprise of your life.

African King

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An African King With Many Wives and Children

King Ibrahim Mbouombouo Njoya was the name of the 600 wives and 177 children. History has it that, he was not only not known for the number the number of children and wives. Njoya developed the Bamum Alphabets of 70 symbols and writing system to preserve his kingdom history which the French people people later destroyed.

African King

However, since he (King Ibrahim Mbouombouo Njoya) wanted the written language to be widely adopted, he established schools. And directed that the Bam language is used as a form of instruction along with the German language. The intelligent king kept on inventing new ideas to his people which he even invented a hand powdered corn grinder.

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After world war I, France took over German territories and subsequently took control of Cameroon.
The decision and achievements of Njoya happened to be a threat to the French. So they made them ban the use of Njoya’s writing system and destroyed his printing press, libraries and several books he had written in the year 1931.

He was sent into exile to Yaounde where he died in 1993.
He died at the age of 66. It was also considered that, whenever King Njoya cleared his throat, everyone present was required to clap hands.

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