GNFS Screening Notice: What To Do

GNFS Screening Process 

Applicants of the Ghana Nationals Fire Service (GNFS) should take note of the following notice on the screening process. GNFS have started sending qualified applicants sms for the next stage of the recruitment process.

These messages sent to applicant contains the screening date and center, therefore such persons should take it serious.

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Below is a sample of the sms sent by GNFS to all successful applicant

Applicants should note that not everyone is receiving the sms as at now because the screening is taking place in batches. If you haven’t received any text yet, relax, it will get to your turn.

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What to do when you receive a text for GNFS Screening 

Successful applicants who have received their text are supposed to report at the Fire Academy and Training School in Accra.

Per the above sample, it’s says on Monday 25th October, 2021, screening starts at 7:00am. During this stage, you will be required to provide original copies of educational and bio certificates.

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This include your birth certificate, educational certificates (BECE, WASSCE, Technical and Tertiary).

You can also log in into your GNFS application portal with your details used for registration.

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Many have complained about the messages coming in, thus some have received theirs while others haven’t. What you should know is that, it’s been done in batches and for such, they have chosen first set of successful applicants to receive theirs. Other batches will start receiving their soon after the first set of screening is done.

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  1. Please am having the birth certificate the original one made to me during my birth but I’m not having the new biometric one can I please use the old one or I have to get the new one before the screening please.

  2. I would report myself at the Fire Academy and training school on Wednesday not on my Monday…

    That is the message I received from the service…


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