GPS Screening Date and Process

Read thoroughly through this article to the end we have provided you data on GPS Screening date and process. There Ghana Police Service is said to start its screening process soon according to reports. The police service in Ghana wishes to inform all who applied to join and qualified for the next stage will be required to go through a number of process.

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As this is important to most Ghanaian who applied, we have gather much information to share with you. The Ghana Police Service started its recruitment in September, 2021. Applicants who went through the online application process had their feedback automatically after submission. Successful applicants were sent messages indicating qualification for the next stage.

GPS Screening Date and Process

Ghana Police Screening Date

The screening of all successful applicants will be done nationwide in 10 regional centres at the regional level. This is scheduled to take place from Wednesday, 12th October, 2021 to Wednesday, 20th October, 2021. Candidates are to visit the designated screening centres assigned to them and must also go along with their documents. These documents include print out of application, educational results/certificates and birth certificate. The screening exercise will be done in batches as applicants will receive specific date for that.

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Ghana Police Screening Process

Check out the GPS recruitment process below:


  • Applicants who qualified for the next stage of the recruitment were sent sms messages through their provided numbers on their phones.


  • Applicants who qualified for the next stage will be sent text messages with specific dates and centres for their exercise exercise and documentation.

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  • Body selection exercise will be undertaken after documentation. This will might involve checking the height, your seeing ability and checking for scars and cuts on the body. Also, cleanliness of your body some body parts will be taken into consideration.


Aptitude test will follow next which is an examination. This exams will cover several subject topics like a general knowledge exams. It will also involve logical reasoning questions.


You will be required to take an outdoor leaderless test (OLT) in a group of ten (10) person to test your problem solving ability as a group.

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Getting to this stage is half an assurance of likely entering the police service. At this stage, you will be required to go through a series of medical examinations to know whether you are fit or not. The health facility for this exercise will be communicated to applicants but likely to be the 37 Military Hospital.


This the last but one stage where applicant who qualify to this side will be interviewed by a panel of officers based on economical, political, social and ethical aspects of the arm of service.

After this, successful applicants will be shortlisted and sent sms messages on date to report for training.

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