How To Become A Building Contractor In Ghana

How To Become A Football Coach In Ghana

Do you have a technical background and want to become a building contractor in Ghana? Here is the right article to read and have in-depth on how to go about it.

There are different types of contractors of a project. Individuals and Organizations in Ghana with a construction project to build an apartment or offices will seek the help of a professional building contractor in Ghana who can help them get the work done.

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Who is a building contractor?

A building contractor is a professional who may work hand in hand with an architect to develop a building plan, execute the building plan by leading and supervising workers to work within the time frame and budget given.

Contractors are physically present on site during the execution of the work and give directions to workers on the methods to use to achieve the specified building projects.

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What are the roles and responsibilities of a building contractor?

  • Develop a building plan including the financial cost involved.
  • He/she decides on the Materials to be used for construction.
  • Directing, supervision and leading workers on site.
  • Effective Communication and giving continuous feedback on the stages of execution of the project, etc.
  • He/she determines possible risks on site and how to curb them to still meet project specified.

How to become a building contractor in Ghana?

Here are a few steps to take in becoming a building contractor in Ghana;

Have a Building and Technology / Technical Background

If you motivated to become a building contractor, you need to have a technical background. You must take this up from the SHS level by studying Technical course or Building and Technology. Equip yourself with some knowledge from the beginning at your senior high level and pass with good grades.

Further to the Tertiary level

After gaining a little knowledge at the SHS level, enroll to any good Tertiary that offer Technical or building and Technology courses. Obtain a degree certificate and also you can further to do your masters. Also, have some form of experiences after school.

Implement a Business Plan and Registration 

Have a business plan and register your company or business. Which will provide you with a certificate of incorporation and a business certificate.

Acquire Contracting License

Before one can be regarded as a certified and professional building contractor, you must acquire a license. This is to register with the Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors of Ghana.

Registering with Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors of Ghana

Go into the books of the above association by registering with them to be recognized as a certified contractor.

This Association is responsible for contractors in building and civil engineering construction in Ghana. It’s main office is located in Accra with other branches spread out across the regions in Ghana.

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The following are the details needed for registering with the association;

  • Incorporation certificate of your company which should have the date and number.
  • Certificate number and issuance date of Certificate of working and housing classification details
  • Copies of your proposal, seconded by two fledged member of the association with their signatories
  • Registration form : $5.00
  • Registration fee: $1,000 (paid once)
  • Annual subscription : $1,000 (paid annually)

After registration, you will be given;

  • Constitution of the association
  • Collective agreement
  • A membership certificate

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Duties of a Building Contractor

  • They are responsible for implementing the construction plan that will be used for the project.
  • He/She is in charge of supervising the project to make sure things are done accordingly. Also, responsible for hiring workers for various aspect of the project.
  • Purchasing of project materials.
  • Acquiring important documents and permits associated to the permit, example, construction permit.
  • Making estimates and budgeting for the project.
  • Reviewing the process of the project.


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