How To Become An Insurance Broker In Ghana

How To Become An Insurance Broker In Ghana

Being an insurance broker in Ghana, one becomes a licensed professional who is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to insurance and risk management.

If you are interesting in venturing into the field of insurance brokerage, read this article till the end. All the information you need to know is here.

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Who is an insurance broker? 

A broker is an independent agent, who represents the buyer, rather than the insurance company, and tries to find the buyer the best policy by comparison shopping.

What actually does an insurance Broker in Ghana do?

An Insurance broker in Ghana assists individuals to get the right insurance for themselves, families, homes and properties. With Organizations, insurance brokers help the business/industry procure insurance by enlightening them more on the benefit of getting a particular insurance.

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An insurance broker in Ghana makes money (commission) through the number of clients they refer to an insurance company in Ghana.

Where can I find an Insurance Broker in Ghana?

There are many insurance brokers around especially in Accra but one thing you must known when going in for one is to know if he/she is a professional with licensed to operate by the Ghana insurance Commission.

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It’s easy get access to insurance broking Companies in Ghana as they have been listed with their Names, contacts, Emails and locations on the official website of Ghana insurance Commission.

How to become an insurance broker in Ghana?

The insurance industry in Ghana is governed by the Insurance Act 2006, ACT 724. This gives Ghana Insurance Commission the power to regulate the insurance industry in Ghana.

Hence, taking certain factors into consideration, you need to decide whether you want to operate your own company or how for an existing company.

As a started, it’s advisable to join an existing company, where you will gain much experiences to start yours few years later.

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Making decision based on the kind of insurance broker you want to be and the type of product you want to sell is keen.

This will help you know the kind of license to go in for. Put forward your licensing application and background checks and write the insurance license exams.

How to be become a professional 

One can also go the extra mile in become a professional by simply passing the licensing exams. There are also short courses that you can undertake in insurance.

Note: Venturing into this profession will need much experience and you should also have a passion for it. You should have good communication and marketing skills which will help in selling your products or services to customers.

Have empathy skills too, thus be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers.


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