Top 5 Training Colleges You Should Rush In For In Ghana


In Ghana, formal tertiary education is in two categories which is the university and the training colleges. However, these training colleges could be either nursing or teacher training colleges.

After going through the mandatory thirteen years basic or primary education in Ghana, one has to proceed to the senior high school level. It also entails studying massively for roughly three years after which when you pass out with good grades you can proceed to the tertiary level.

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In today’s article, we are going to look at the top 5 training colleges in the country. When you enroll into these schools, you should expect nothing but the best.


1. Abetifi college of education.

Training Colleges

It is located at Abetifi . The school is under much recommendation currently as the best training college in Ghana and for years to come.


2. Accra college of education.

Training Colleges

Accra college of education was established in 1909 which tends to produce quality teachers for the country.


3. Ada college of education.

Training Colleges

ADACOE was established in the year 1965. Subsequently, it has also produced quality trainees over the years which has made them currently, the third best college in Ghana.

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4. Agogo Presbyterian college of education.

Training Colleges
The school established in the year 1931 has been one of the best colleges in the country. It has its location in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. They also have played a major role in the production of better trained teachers in the country.


5. Akatsi college of education.

Training Colleges

Akatsi College of Education is a teacher training college with its location at Akatsi in the Volta Region of Ghana. Also, the school was established on 1 October 1963. However, its motto is “Quality teacher education in a changing society”. They have also been one of the best college of education which has produced quality teachers.


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